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At present we are running primary and middle school program. We are aimimg towards starting higher education program as soon as possible. As we pledge to give them a sustainable future, we focus on skill development and job oriented education system.


Our High school children are expert in designing logos, posters, bourses, t-shirts and developing webpage. Please let us know your need, our children will be a perfect choice for your work as they are already working online as a freelancer and doing quite good, they will be surely meet your demand.Please look at the portfolio below:I will add something here later on from their work. One of our most successful projects is computer programming and the development of a range of computer skills. We now have 18 computers and the children have lots of time to learn and practice their skills. We teach graphicdesign with Adobe Illustrator and adobe Photoshop CC, Web development with adobe Muse, Mobirise, Notepad++, Brackets, coding with lua and software engineering with mBlock, Arduino One outcome of our computer program is that a number of our high school students are already earning money with the skills they have developed at school. The students have found websites for outsourced projects, and they are working on average an hour or two a day. The money they earn givesthem a great deal of confidence and pride in their ability as they can see that there is a successful career and life ahead of them. The money they earn is of course very important as they can now contribute to their families budget to buy food and pay for other expenses. It also enables the family to have one of their siblings at school rather than go to work. By the time the children finish high school at LEF, they will be able to find a well paid job in the Tech Industries in Bangladesh.Some of the children will even be able to earn a better living thorugh their own out sourcing businesses where they are programing or doing other jobs for international companies. The is marvellousfor our school as it demonstrates how the Love, Education and Food that we are providing for our children is really providing them with a much better life – today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their l.


Music is a part and parcel in our academic curriculum. This keeps everybody happy and enjoying sometime during school time. In Dhaka city, there is no open space where our vulnerable children can play and run about for fun. At home, they also don't have any access to entertainments as most families don't afford to buy a TV, books or any gaming equipments. So, acknowledging child rights, LEF arranges music and dance classes. Many of our high school children are good musicians now. Some of our children are already teaching music in and outside school to earn a bit of money for their own education and to give some assistance to their families. Please enjoy LEF school music with links below

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