Our Mission

LEF FOR LIFE is a non-profit Organization founded to Love, Educate and Feed ( LEF stands for Love, Education and Food) under privileged people, specially under privileged children who experience hunger in their daily life. Without the support of LEF FOR LIFE, these children receive no education, they have to work from a very young age, and they face a lifetime of poverty, illiteracy and injustice. By providing Love, Education and Food, LEF for LIFE empowers these children to create a better life for themselves and their communities.

Our Vision

Our goal is to achieve long lasting, sustainable and positive changes through the educational and economic programmes we provide. These programs will enable our children to understand their rights, to realise their potential and to confidently pursue ambitious goals to achieve. This will create satisfying lives for the children who lead productive lives that contribute to their community and to our country.

Message From CEO

I am Prabhudan Halder, fondly known as Dino. I was the fourth child in a family of six children and so my parents could not afford to give me a real childhood. I had a really lost and wasted childhood suffering from strongest form of hunger. I was then lucky to be taken to an orphanage where I grew up. By God’s grace I was able to finish my Higher education. On completion of my education, I finished some sessions of teachers training. I never dreamt that I would have a full time job so I started giving private tuition for living. However I did have a dream of helping children who were as poor and as hungry as I was when I was a child. I decided to start a school for these children in 2001.

Prabhudan Halder


Our Board Members

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Prabhudan Halder


Mr.Kiron Mondal

Vice president

Mr.Ripon Mondal


Bobita Akter



Executive Member

Joy Mondol

Executive Member

Hazera Akter

Executive Member

Our Supporters

Michael Stewart


Fujiwara Hironobu



Donor & Ambassador for Lef For Life Organization from
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